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Writing it down with the analytical aspects

Analyzing is a natural behavior of a healthy mind. The individual analyzing a behavior is known as the analyst and the process in called analysis. In academic life, almost every student faces difficulty when an analysis has to be written. Most of the time, an analysis is considered equal to a comparison, which is quite wrong. The term analysis might share some methods with the process of comparison, but on the whole both are different.

In comparative essay writing, two or more things are compared with each other, their pros and cons are taken under consideration and finally a conclusion is made. Whereas, in the case of analytical essay writing an absolute argument is made, analytical writing is mainly focused on a particular subject. An individual provides an opinion regarding the subject after studying concisely. The opinion is then strengthened by including experimental facts and findings on the subject. Before writing an analysis, the investigation is carried out. Such investigation determines specific characteristics of the subject and on behalf of such characteristics; one can evaluate more accurately regarding the topic.

Questioning and reasoning is another key factor that has a profound effect on writing an essay on the analytical scale. Examining the reasons by experiments and including the results and outcomes of the experiments in the form of data is also very important. Even if there is a very small amount of data present, it can be utilized. There is a vast variety of things, which can be analyzed. Such as, economical analysis, social analysis, which include a survey on the social behavior, in engineering there is system analysis, biological analysis of living things which includes their behavior and habitat, business analysis to grow the business further. In business analysis, ongoing marketing trends can be cited and new strategies can be discussed. Moreover, when writing a business analysis, business needs and solutions to business problems can be determined. After the observation of someone’s IQ level, intelligence analysis can be developed and to extend the dialogue by comparing the intelligence of two or more individuals, a competitive intelligence analysis can be produced. While writing in the form of numbers, one can consider it a mathematical analysis and statistical analysis. Such kind of analysis includes derivations, notations, equations and calculations. And in the field of environmental science, atmospheric changes and environmental pollution can be discussed.

Whenever, an essay has to be written based upon analysis, it must have a clear picture of the subject being discussed. Collected data, proofs, results, observations, advantages, disadvantages, facts and figures must be introduced clearly. And, when the writing of analysis is complete, at the end a comprehensive conclusion should be framed.