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4 social skills necessary to advance your career after graduation

Students who have recently graduated or are about to graduate, must feel that they are stepping out of their comfort zones as the corporate world seems like a foreign land. Admittedly, life after graduation is not as easy as college life is, however, a few tips and techniques on how to conduct yourself can set you apart and make your career shine. Learn some of these practical tips right here:

Project confidence via body language:

In college, life was easy as you only had to submit written papers which were graded by professors. Only your essay writing skills were evaluated, not communication or presentation skills. However, when it comes to the corporate sector, only writing skills will not land you a job, you have to possess numerous other personality traits that will set you apart from other candidates. For, example you need to project confidence and your leadership skills which can be done via simple nonverbal communication gestures. A firm handshake, unflinching eye contact and firm voice are indicators of a confident personality.

Prepare proper business cards and store them in a professional card case:

As you are stepping into the professional world, you need to start acting like a professional too. The first step should be to prepare proper professional business cards and store them in a business card case. So, whenever you attend a conference or meet any industry expert, you can hand them your card. Also, you cannot hand over resumes or CV’s to every professional you meet, so business cards come in handy if you want to establish networks and land a job.

Dress professionally:

Remember, you are not a student anymore, so while jeans and tee are a perfectly normal attire for a student, it is not for a professional graduate looking for a job. Invest in proper professional looking attire so that whenever you have to attend an interview or a conference, you are dressed like a professional, not a shabby teenager.

Clean up your social media websites:

Although this may seem unnecessary at the moment, but be informed that all companies look into social media websites of their potential applicants before hiring, so you must clean all your social media website posts or at least turn on privacy.

Furthermore, you should make a profile on LinkedIn, a professional networking website and start networking with industry experts.

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How has the social media applications and messengers helped online education?

With the introduction of technology and improved awareness, there are various modern ways of teaching and education that have started to rise up. One of them is the online education; the concept of online education has been in the pipeline, creating waves within the education sector for a long time. With the growth in technology and better penetration of the internet world, this concept has become more significant and effective in terms of delivery and quality.

When we talk about online education, we mean getting educated or passing through a diploma or a degree program by not attending the university and college. Just taking virtual classes through the use of computers and the internet is what qualifies for online education. Online education is processed through many different avenues and recently introduced social media applications or messengers have increased its scope and attractiveness. Today’s blog will talk about how social media applications and messengers have helped online education.

Increased Connectivity and Accessibility

With the use of various social media applications and effective computer programs, online education has become twice as effective as it was before. With increased accessibility and affordability within the student’s circle, it has become a popular phenomenon among people who are far away. It promotes connectivity through means which are completely free, like high quality video conferencing and data transfer websites, which are completely free.

Improved efficiency through high speed apps

Using applications like video conferencing, centralized internet systems and platforms to target students as well as develop a framework for their online degree program, online education has improved its efficiency drastically in the matter of a few years. Now there are effective ways to conduct online classes and seminars which can improve the delivery of lectures as well as bring in more productivity among students.

Increased interaction among students

With social media applications and messengers, students can interact with each other much better than before. They can have a whole virtual world through the apps like Google Hangouts and feel like as if they are all sitting in the same classroom.Social media messengers also allow improved group activity and performance through high speed connectivity tools.

Affordability or free availability

As the internet and technology has gone through different times, both have become extremely affordable. Globally,there are some of the best social media applications and tools that can be downloaded for free and used by students for various purposes.