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We will discuss the 8 simple yet effective ways through which students’ problem solving skills will be improved thereby helping them in solving the problems.

8 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Enhance Students’ Problem Solving Skills

As today’s world grows more complex each day, the need for problem-solving skills also escalates, significantly. These skills are required by all, most importantly students. They need to apply these skills in their daily routines: in schools, colleges and universities. If they fail to do so, they become victims of stress and anxiety. Hence, they need to enhance their problem-solving skills if they want to be successful in their endeavors. An amalgam of the following 8 steps could be their savior.

Spending Time On Understanding The Problem Is Of The Essence: The mind should be clear and focused upon the issue at hand; there should be no pressure. The student should be relaxed and comfortable in order to generously spend time on the problem. He should not be in a rush when solving a problem, as this would only make matters worse.

The Problem Should Be Viewed Neutrally: The student should not make any judgments about the problem beforehand. Without first spending time on the problem, he should not declare it as unsolvable.  He should remain neutral to it.

Data Collection Is Essential: It is essential to collect as much information as possible about the problem in order to solve it. Once the issue is identified, then a sufficient number of facts should be collected to get to its root cause. The information should be gathered systematically.

There Is A Need For Motivation In Problem-Solving: To gain motivation, the student should think of the consequences that he will have to face if he is unable to solve the problem. This will provide him with the push to think and work harder.

 Staying Optimistic Is Of Great Help: Otherwise, the chances of failing the task increase over time.

 The Problem Should Be Looked At From Various Perspectives: The student needs to open his mind to different possibilities and ideas related to the problem at hand. This will bring him closer to solving the problem. Lateral thinking will be helpful.

 An Appropriate Method Should Be Adopted For Solving The Problem: This means that the student should be specific in his choice of strategy in solving the problem. He should be mindful of the choice that he is making, whether it is appropriate or not.

 All Alternative Possibilities Should Also Be Considered: The student should use his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to come up with different solutions to the problem.

As they become more and more a part of our lives, mobile phones are making their presence felt in the classroom. Is this a good idea?

Mobile Phones In The Classroom – To Be Or Not To Be?

Mobile phones in the academic realm

Mobile phones have been a part of our live since quite some time now, but ever since smart phones were introduced, they are becoming more and more involved in everything we do. The academic sector has not remained untouched – mobile phones have already entered the realm of education. There is a difference of opinion on whether this is a positive or a negative thing, but everyone agrees that the mobile phones do have a presence in the classroom at the moment.

How are mobile phones a part of the classroom? Most high school and college students are mobile phone users, and they use their phones to take notes, record lectures, communicate with their fellow students, download study material and even use academic applications.

 College Class:

Or school class groups on social media are being used quite effectively by students these days for communication and coordination, and smart phones are an easy way for students to access these groups.


It is indubitable that mobile phones can be – and a lot of the time they are – a major distraction for students from their studies. Not only do students get distracted when they are constantly checking their message inbox or WhatsApp, but their concentration span is affected due to the use of mobile phones just like it is affected by television or social media.

 Must We Direct The Use Of Mobile Phones?

Mobile phones are already in the realm of education, so the best thing, probably, is to direct their use in such a way that it allows students to benefit from the use of mobile phones and counters the negative effects.

Using mobile phones for communication running academic applications and downloading study material can be allowed, but it is necessary that there be some sort of regulation in educational institutions that restricts students from using their phones during lectures and while studying.

 The Learning Experience:

A technology-oriented learning experience is not a bad thing. It can prove to be quite rewarding. However, there must be limits, because conventional learning techniques are also very effective and must be exercised alongside. Mobile phones are not a replacement. They are an addition. While mobile phones can be an aid in education and help in learning, the adverse effects of the extensive use of mobile phones on the eyesight and the concentration span of students are factors that cannot be ignored.

Learn How To Do APA Style In-Text Citation For Movies

Learn How To Do APA Style In-Text Citation For Movies

APA style is basically the rules that were set by the American Psychological Association to write in-text references in the research papers, and since then, this particular style has been followed by several different people in their texts. It’s extremely easy to cite a movie in a review. As you may have noticed, a lot of people post movie reviews in the newspapers, and there’s a special way of doing that. Being a writer means following a set of rules, even if you are writing for a movie. This article is all about how you can cite a movie in the text. You must be aware of the fact that movies have no authors, and if you want to write a review on any movie, then it’s compulsory to put the references. Furthermore, if you are going to include other movies as references, then it is extremely necessary to cite them as well. A single person cannot make a movie as it requires hundreds of people to perform this task. Though, the whole thing is completely opposite when it comes to the authors, there are certain ways to mention references in your text. Follow the mentioned steps if you are interested in learning the method

1.      Surname:

In books, we usually use the last name of an author to relate, but instead of using an author’s surname, all you have to do is write the surnames of the director and producer of the movie. Allow us to present a small demonstration, so you can get a clear idea.

For example: Mr. Arthur and Lambert disclosed the plot of their upcoming movie.

2.      Year:

The next step is to use commas in parenthetical citation, and then you are required to write the year in which the movie was released. For example: Mr. Arthur and Lambert, 1994. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to write like this, you can also write the year in brackets.

For example: Mr. Arthur and Lambert (1994)

3.   Scene:

There is a way of mentioning a quote from the movie in your research paper or article; all you have to do is include the scene number or scene name in the parenthetical citation. This is the complete form of reference, and it is the one that is more widely used in the newspapers.

For Example: “(Mr. Arthur and Lambert, 1994, scene 10)”

Discover What Makes A Class Project Remarkably Superior

Discover What Makes A Class Project Remarkably Superior

Class projects contain immense importance in raising the performance of a student. In colleges, innovative and high-quality content is demanded by every professor. So, it is really important for a college student to make such a project that can win the heart of their professors. With engaging writing skills, you can easily formulate an eye-catching and informative project, which will definitely grant you good grades. Fortunately, there are a few techniques through which you can make your class project in such a way that can award you with excellent grades. Some of the tips are shared below.

Be Organized:

If you are willing to make an attention-grabbing class project, the first thing you need to do is to get your work organized. Break up your project into a schedule according to your deadline. Do not overburden yourself, but assign yourself with short tasks each day. By doing so, you will have sufficient time to get all the high quality content. By allocating time, you can easily work on the relevant resources which will help you a lot in making a good project.

Write Clearly:

Writing your assignments and creating a project is completely different. To get good grades, you need to follow the instructions given by the assigner and make the project accordingly. For a class project, you need to use simple and clear language, so that students can easily understand what you are trying to describe. Using bullets and tables, and making short paragraphs, will make your document interesting.

Look Your Best:

Class projects are not just about high quality content and relevant resources, but a good project must need a good presenter too. If one manages to attract the class’ attention, he will feel more confident and likely to give a good class project. For that, you can start from wearing formal clothes, splash on your favorite perfume and brush your hair properly. This will give your audience a good sight. And also, you will feel fresh and confident. Similarly, your volume plays a vital role in the class projects. Your voice should be loud and clear, and using your hands to emphasizethe important points will show your confidence.

Follow The Guidelines:


Last, but not the least thing to do to make your class project exceptionally good, is to follow the instructions given by your professor. Putting too much information into your assignment will lead you to add irrelevant points. This will make your project look like a low quality work. To avoid such a thing, make sure to follow all the steps and guidelines given by your assigner. Try to add relevant resources to support your points. To get excellent grades, you need to create an appealing piece of work, and this can only be done if you include all the instructions in your project. A dull and boring work will never be appreciated, so instead, you should prepare your class project in such an interesting manner that it will contain an element of inspiration. By doing so, you will not only enhance your academic performance, but can also get good grades.

Business Studies

Discover How To Pass With Flying Colors In Your Business Studies Exams?

Almost every student desires to get good marks in exams, but only a few gets success. It is not a difficult thing if one studies properly. Business is one of those subjects that students find really difficult to pass. Here discussed below are a few tips that will help you in passing this course with good grades:

 Get Details About Your Course Syllabus:

The major reason, because of which students get failed in business studies is that they lack knowledge about their complete course. They prepare for their exam from what they know because of which they end up scoring low grades. It is very important for you to know what will come in your exams or what the chapters are that you must need to cover for your exams, etc. It happens that students miss something during their class lectures, but most of them don’t bother to cover it later because of which they face problems. So, you must get complete details about your course syllabus and then prepare for your exam.

 Study Daily:

 The best way to cover your course is to study daily. In this way, you will not get stressed and will also be able to cover your course more easily and properly. Make it your routine to spend at least two to three hours to study your course. Another advantage of daily study is that you will not have any burden when you will be preparing a day before your exam. You will be relaxed and more confident about your preparation.

 Prepare A Schedule:

 A schedule helps in completing a task more easily and in a disciplined manner. So, prepare a schedule for your course. List all the chapters and topics that you have to cover for your exams, study one chapter daily, set time for each subject and give priority to those that are difficult because they will take more time. Set a specific time for studying this course and follow it daily. The best way to follow this schedule is to paste it on a wall in your room where you can easily see it.

 Complete Course Assignments On Time:

 Course assignments hold a large portion of the total marks and are considered a crucial part of the course. Make sure you complete and submit your course papers on time. It will help you in securing good grades in your exams and also in creating a good impression on your professors. 

intelligent student

Four ways to develop your intelligence

It’s an age old myth that intelligence is something which is proven by grades and academic report card, but in all honesty it is not. The definition of intelligence covers much more than just top grades in the academia, although that part is also important and when a student scores a good grade it does mean a sign of intelligence and smartness. Students spend a lot of their effort and time in trying to manage good grades, which is crucial during the academic life, as good grades allows students to find better opportunities and also gain confidence as they grow in their school, college and university.

People also think being a student is the only age where one can be smart and intelligent after which everything starts to go down. However, they are completely wrong and mistaken, there is no age to be smarter or intelligent and it is also just in the minds. Brain and mind can develop itself through all stages of life and can become as stronger as you want it to be. There are many facets within the brain that can help you become a completely intelligent package rather than being good at one thing and not another. Personal mind growth is something which is related to fostering and training through different means and methods in order to practice and strengthen the intelligent areas of your brain. Today our academic blog will talk about four ways to develop your smartness and intelligence.

Being verbally intelligent

Verbal intelligence is that part of the brain where reading, writing, listening and speaking playing a significant role. Verbal intelligence is one of the core factors that are needed to be strong in the academic phase of life. If a student successfully works and develops all four facets of verbal intelligence, their academic journey will become an amazing part of their life and an experience which will give them tremendous opportunities to excel. Most students are relatively weak in certain areas of this factor while being strong in another. Smart students work on their weaker areas through their strength and balance out all four factors intelligently. This area will greatly help you in writing a terrific assignment paper and allow you to have good writing quality.

Intelligence through logic

Intelligence through logic means being good at numbers, analytical skills and computer skills. It also involves being good at patterns and relationships. You can work this part of your brain by solving mid games, puzzles, working on tasks which require strong rationale and numbers and also by taking number based courses in your academic life.

Intelligence through memory and drawing

Another form of intelligence is being good at learning, good at comprehension and drawing. This part of your brain involves learning the ability to quickly understand the message and also remembering it for a longer period of time.

Intelligence through technology

You can develop different aspects of your intelligence with the help of technology. Using the internet and computers you can update yourselves with different knowledge and information or take part in online certifications or trainings.

The World of Education- Skills you Need to Teach your Teen

From the day your teen was born, you have been always there for their support, physically and emotionally. You taught them how to walk, talk and then later on how to ride the bicycle! As they grow up, your intervention and interference gradually became less to an extent, but still your support mattered to them. From teaching them the basic alphabetical letters to solving algebraic mathematical questions in middle school, it is time for you to move on and guide them about life. So, when do you initiate philosophical talks and discussion with your teens, and when do you think is the right time for it? It is when your teen is on the verge of entering college or universities and has completed and passed their tenure of the high school. Their true happiness is reflected in their faces, as they know that they have successfully completed an important phase of their life. Clearing and graduating high school for the teens marks the symbol for universal achievement and accomplishment. But before they leave your abode, make sure you are inculcating and indoctrinating the right moral values within them. It is time for you to intervene again, and teach them about the basic life skills which will make their life more easy and equivalent to heaven. They might not be aware of the forthcoming challenges and tough scenarios, but you have to guide them by taking help from your experience. Sit with them and contemplate. Teach the solutions to various problems and tell them how to avoid challenges. For difficulties are an essential component of life, instructing about skills will allow your teens to better tackle with them.


 An introvert and a shy teen look good in high school and is considered as acceptable, but you will have to modifyyour teen by making them confident when entering college. Such type of qualities are considered as negative and might create a damaging impression of you. Make sure you communicate; talk to your friends and experienced elders. Read books and watch informative documentaries. Socialize and meet people who are spiritually and morally uplifted and acquire from them.

Decision making

 Your teen should be aware on how to analyze and weigh the pros and cons of a decision. Before jumping to conclusions, make sure that you are well aware of the consequences. So impart the right skills of decision formulation and implementation in your teens so they might know how to avoid a colossal damage.

Conscripting and composing

 Your teen should be aware of reading and composing tasks. Make sure they are sure about resume writing and how to compile it for their own good. Read articles and books and enhance your vocabulary as well as expression through such forums.

Budgeting and planning

Teens are sometimes irresponsible and careless when it comes to handling money. But entering a new phase demands responsibility and liability. Teach them how to budget and how to deal with the finances so they know how much to spend and how much to save. This will later on, be of great help to them.

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4 social skills necessary to advance your career after graduation

Students who have recently graduated or are about to graduate, must feel that they are stepping out of their comfort zones as the corporate world seems like a foreign land. Admittedly, life after graduation is not as easy as college life is, however, a few tips and techniques on how to conduct yourself can set you apart and make your career shine. Learn some of these practical tips right here:

Project confidence via body language:

In college, life was easy as you only had to submit written papers which were graded by professors. Only your essay writing skills were evaluated, not communication or presentation skills. However, when it comes to the corporate sector, only writing skills will not land you a job, you have to possess numerous other personality traits that will set you apart from other candidates. For, example you need to project confidence and your leadership skills which can be done via simple nonverbal communication gestures. A firm handshake, unflinching eye contact and firm voice are indicators of a confident personality.

Prepare proper business cards and store them in a professional card case:

As you are stepping into the professional world, you need to start acting like a professional too. The first step should be to prepare proper professional business cards and store them in a business card case. So, whenever you attend a conference or meet any industry expert, you can hand them your card. Also, you cannot hand over resumes or CV’s to every professional you meet, so business cards come in handy if you want to establish networks and land a job.

Dress professionally:

Remember, you are not a student anymore, so while jeans and tee are a perfectly normal attire for a student, it is not for a professional graduate looking for a job. Invest in proper professional looking attire so that whenever you have to attend an interview or a conference, you are dressed like a professional, not a shabby teenager.

Clean up your social media websites:

Although this may seem unnecessary at the moment, but be informed that all companies look into social media websites of their potential applicants before hiring, so you must clean all your social media website posts or at least turn on privacy.

Furthermore, you should make a profile on LinkedIn, a professional networking website and start networking with industry experts.

social media applications

How has the social media applications and messengers helped online education?

With the introduction of technology and improved awareness, there are various modern ways of teaching and education that have started to rise up. One of them is the online education; the concept of online education has been in the pipeline, creating waves within the education sector for a long time. With the growth in technology and better penetration of the internet world, this concept has become more significant and effective in terms of delivery and quality.

When we talk about online education, we mean getting educated or passing through a diploma or a degree program by not attending the university and college. Just taking virtual classes through the use of computers and the internet is what qualifies for online education. Online education is processed through many different avenues and recently introduced social media applications or messengers have increased its scope and attractiveness. Today’s blog will talk about how social media applications and messengers have helped online education.

Increased Connectivity and Accessibility

With the use of various social media applications and effective computer programs, online education has become twice as effective as it was before. With increased accessibility and affordability within the student’s circle, it has become a popular phenomenon among people who are far away. It promotes connectivity through means which are completely free, like high quality video conferencing and data transfer websites, which are completely free.

Improved efficiency through high speed apps

Using applications like video conferencing, centralized internet systems and platforms to target students as well as develop a framework for their online degree program, online education has improved its efficiency drastically in the matter of a few years. Now there are effective ways to conduct online classes and seminars which can improve the delivery of lectures as well as bring in more productivity among students.

Increased interaction among students

With social media applications and messengers, students can interact with each other much better than before. They can have a whole virtual world through the apps like Google Hangouts and feel like as if they are all sitting in the same classroom.Social media messengers also allow improved group activity and performance through high speed connectivity tools.

Affordability or free availability

As the internet and technology has gone through different times, both have become extremely affordable. Globally,there are some of the best social media applications and tools that can be downloaded for free and used by students for various purposes.

Writing it down with the analytical aspects

Analyzing is a natural behavior of a healthy mind. The individual analyzing a behavior is known as the analyst and the process in called analysis. In academic life, almost every student faces difficulty when an analysis has to be written. Most of the time, an analysis is considered equal to a comparison, which is quite wrong. The term analysis might share some methods with the process of comparison, but on the whole both are different.

In comparative essay writing, two or more things are compared with each other, their pros and cons are taken under consideration and finally a conclusion is made. Whereas, in the case of analytical essay writing an absolute argument is made, analytical writing is mainly focused on a particular subject. An individual provides an opinion regarding the subject after studying concisely. The opinion is then strengthened by including experimental facts and findings on the subject. Before writing an analysis, the investigation is carried out. Such investigation determines specific characteristics of the subject and on behalf of such characteristics; one can evaluate more accurately regarding the topic.

Questioning and reasoning is another key factor that has a profound effect on writing an essay on the analytical scale. Examining the reasons by experiments and including the results and outcomes of the experiments in the form of data is also very important. Even if there is a very small amount of data present, it can be utilized. There is a vast variety of things, which can be analyzed. Such as, economical analysis, social analysis, which include a survey on the social behavior, in engineering there is system analysis, biological analysis of living things which includes their behavior and habitat, business analysis to grow the business further. In business analysis, ongoing marketing trends can be cited and new strategies can be discussed. Moreover, when writing a business analysis, business needs and solutions to business problems can be determined. After the observation of someone’s IQ level, intelligence analysis can be developed and to extend the dialogue by comparing the intelligence of two or more individuals, a competitive intelligence analysis can be produced. While writing in the form of numbers, one can consider it a mathematical analysis and statistical analysis. Such kind of analysis includes derivations, notations, equations and calculations. And in the field of environmental science, atmospheric changes and environmental pollution can be discussed.

Whenever, an essay has to be written based upon analysis, it must have a clear picture of the subject being discussed. Collected data, proofs, results, observations, advantages, disadvantages, facts and figures must be introduced clearly. And, when the writing of analysis is complete, at the end a comprehensive conclusion should be framed.