Classic tips to write a recommendation essay

Writing an essay of recommendation also sometimes called the letter of recommendation can allow a student to gain access towards opportunities of a lifetime like a big college, a career defining job or a scholarship program. Recommendation letters and essays should only be based on merit, because if they are not, then they take the opportunity away from someone who is much more deserving and credible than the one who is being recommended. This is why recommending someone for an opportunity comes with a huge responsibility and a chance to do justice.

Such letters might seem simple with their names, but they really are not. Essay writing comes in different forms and recommendation essays are somewhat technical when it comes to writing them. First and foremost thing required to write a recommendation letter is to have enough credentials on your own, this means the one writing the letter should be a professor, an employer or student’s mentor meaning in the capacity of a senior role who can judge and analyze that student. Today, we will talk about four different ways or classic tips to writing a great recommendation letter.

Determine the objectives of writing a recommendation letter

First of all whenever you receive a request to write a recommendation essay or a letter for someone, make sure you meet them personally. This is the only way you will be able to judge and analyze them. Meeting them in person will also allow you to find out the objective of this letter, whether it’s for an employment opportunity or admission in a certain school, the role this letter will play and how is it going to help that student in achieving what he is trying to.

Structure the essay like any traditional essay

You might not write like any traditional essay, but you can structure your recommendation essay just like any other. This means starting with an introduction and the background, following it up with a strong middle section or the body and finally concluding it in a great formal tone. This will allow you to properly pen down your thought process and your feelings about the student.

Include relevant information

Some information in the recommendation essay is very crucial, for example, how long have you known that student and the capacity or the relationship with the student. As this helps determine the credibility and the formality of the letter. So never forget to mention all these relevant details about the student in the essay.

Write about a student’s strengths

Do not focus on the weaknesses of the student even though you are completely aware of them. Always focus on his/her strengths, ensure you talk about how well can he serve in their capacity and how well performing he has been.

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