Common writing advices that teachers do not stress upon

Teachers are one of the most gifted individuals who have the mission to educate people enough to make tremendously talented nations out of them. It is important to respect this profession, and to respect those individuals, who make all the effort to ensure that students are taught without any sort of discrimination as well as ensure that they all excel in their fields, interests and disciplines. It might surprise you that as much as a student hates to fail an exam or a course, the teachers also hate failing their students as well.

Teachers may seem to teach almost everything they know, however occasionally they do not stress upon some basic things. They, expect students to understand, and work on them as per their own interest and commitment or willingness to learn. We will talk about such common writing advices, which teachers often do not stress upon:

-          Frequent writing- It is as obvious as it sounds, good writing will not come with occasionally writing a Christmas card, or a summer story. Frequent writing, and writing everything you possibly can think of, will eventually lead you to become a good writer. What students do is they begin to start polishing their skills when they move on to final paper writing, which is not recommended, as immature and poor writing skills will lead to a bad paper and overall a poor grade.

-          Doing the basics right: While teachers might stress upon the fact, that you should sound highly intellectual and intelligent by using some amazing vocabulary, it is also important to note that writing and doing the basics right, is the first step to become a great writer. Without your basic knowledge of the language, having a good vocabulary is useless.

-          Be brave and explore: Often teachers, in order to reinforce impactful learning focus too much on conventional approach and methods to write. Students can find a better opportunity to improve if they explore more, are brave with their writing and allow themselves to complete express, through emotions and personal writing, the two elements can be a great boost to your writing.

-          Learning academic writing through external sources: Classrooms, might seem everything for you, however, if you explore and move one step ahead while trying to find resources in order to help you develop skillful writing, it can have some really positive consequences on your writing.


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