How to spot a legitimate academic writing company!

More than thousands of academic writing companies exist on the internet and there is no guarantee that they all are legitimate businesses. There is always an inherent risk whenever you hire a writing company that the service will not be legit and you will end up being scammed by falsified claims of these sham companies.

It is very important to create some distinguishing factors that can help students to identify legitimate companies from fake ones. Here we have conceived some defining and distinguishing factors so that you can identify a legit paper writing company whenever you want to hire one.

If you want to find a scam, then it can be easily spotted if there is a mismatch between domain name information and website information.

There are clues on the website too if you look closely. If you spot any grammatical errors or typos or any posts that are 6 months old, then do not trust that site as it is likely a false service.

If the prices are too low and remotely believable or the service is for free, then there is a high probability that the company is not legit. Many companies lure in gullible students by displaying too low prices or offering free papers, but in reality they provide third grade quality papers. You will end up wasting your time and money if you hire any such firm.

The company should have a physical presence and address too. There should be a valid and reachable contact number and email address. It is advised that you call the helpline before hiring, and ask a lot of questions related to the quality, delivery and writers. If it is too difficult to reach the service or you do not get satisfactory answers, then the safe option will be to stay away from such a company.

You need to look for a company who provides you with various writing styles. Many websites that have un-professional and un-qualified writers will want to stick to just one or two product offerings as their writers are not well versed in different styles. Stay away from such agencies as chances are they will end up disappointing you with low quality papers.

In short, look for companies that have all of these factors: Honesty, affordability and accessibility.  You will be surprised how many scam websites are out there when you try to fit them into these factors!


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