Learn How To Do APA Style In-Text Citation For Movies

Learn How To Do APA Style In-Text Citation For Movies

APA style is basically the rules that were set by the American Psychological Association to write in-text references in the research papers, and since then, this particular style has been followed by several different people in their texts. It’s extremely easy to cite a movie in a review. As you may have noticed, a lot of people post movie reviews in the newspapers, and there’s a special way of doing that. Being a writer means following a set of rules, even if you are writing for a movie. This article is all about how you can cite a movie in the text. You must be aware of the fact that movies have no authors, and if you want to write a review on any movie, then it’s compulsory to put the references. Furthermore, if you are going to include other movies as references, then it is extremely necessary to cite them as well. A single person cannot make a movie as it requires hundreds of people to perform this task. Though, the whole thing is completely opposite when it comes to the authors, there are certain ways to mention references in your text. Follow the mentioned steps if you are interested in learning the method

1.      Surname:

In books, we usually use the last name of an author to relate, but instead of using an author’s surname, all you have to do is write the surnames of the director and producer of the movie. Allow us to present a small demonstration, so you can get a clear idea.

For example: Mr. Arthur and Lambert disclosed the plot of their upcoming movie.

2.      Year:

The next step is to use commas in parenthetical citation, and then you are required to write the year in which the movie was released. For example: Mr. Arthur and Lambert, 1994. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to write like this, you can also write the year in brackets.

For example: Mr. Arthur and Lambert (1994)

3.   Scene:

There is a way of mentioning a quote from the movie in your research paper or article; all you have to do is include the scene number or scene name in the parenthetical citation. This is the complete form of reference, and it is the one that is more widely used in the newspapers.

For Example: “(Mr. Arthur and Lambert, 1994, scene 10)”

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