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Tips and tricks on managing studies while working

In this age of financial crisis, one can’t just study and not be able to afford the dues. Parents are very helpful throughout a man’s life, but personally I think that at a certain age, possibly after high school, a man should be worthy enough to make some money and chip in with the family finances. Working on a job is not easy and especially if you have to take care of your college assignments and projects as well; most students fail to perform to their fullest if they devote even the smallest bit of their time to work. This is something that is really undesirable and unfortunate. Some post-college-graduates also find it difficult in coping up with the work and the education if they plan on going for more ink on their resume. People can’t live without work and work isn’t readily available if you are not educated.

Fortunately, for you, if you do find it difficult to manage your time efficiently because of the increased duties of studying, you can follow these steps to make your life better:

a)      Organize yourself: Don’t just not make a time table and expect things to get organized automatically. You can’t make it through your college while working as well, if you don’t get organized from the word “go”. Never delay the essay that is due tomorrow at the cost of earning a few bucks and try to finish the assignment before your shift starts so that you do actually get those few bucks.

b)      Add flexibility to your schedule: Don’t follow a strict textbook schedule, because believe me, you just can’t. There are going to be certain things that you will have to look for, out of the blue. Don’t get startled if you get a surprise assignment or if some day your employer wants you to do the dishes too.

c)       Stress management: Manage stress. You will have to deal with a lot of stress because of these increased responsibilities and adapt yourself to be able to manage it. Stress kills and if you think that putting your hands on your heads for the most of the night does not affect your health, you are very wrong.

d)      Be pragmatic/realistic: Don’t expect yourself to be able to do everything. Set your priorities and do the errands first that you think need to be done first.